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                中文  |  English



                  China Ship building Equipment & Materials Northeast(China) Co.,Ltd.t is a large material distribution enterprise. It is an independent legal entity which was established in the Northeast China by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation on Oct. 1963, with a total assets of more than 3 billions yuan, located in No.1 Fengyutan Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang. We own holding and joint-stock companies, respectively in Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Yingkou and other cities. There are more than 300 employees here, mostly are the young positive professionals that are capable in business and familiar with international rules in the the material field.

                  CSEMNC is focus on two major fields: military industry and civilian use, and towards both domestic and international markets, we will continue to strengthen and expand the main businesses of steel, non-ferrous metals, electromechanical equipment, import and export trade, etc., accelerate the development of steel processing and distribution, coordinative composition of equipment, auto beauty and etc.. We establish great cooperation with local & foreign manufacturing and processing enterprises, trading and consulting companies, establish great trade business with Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Africa and other countries and areas .

                  CSEMNC is a special agent for Anshan Iron and steel company Limited by subsidiary Ltd, the main supplier for CSIC and Ansteel Group Corporation Group, the agent for Chifeng Jin Jian Copper Co., Ltd and Jinchuan Group Co.,Ltd, and regional agency of 3M, BOSCH auto parts, Osram, Dunlop tyres, Hagrid electric appliance, Cooper tools and etc..

                  Our company’s scale is enlarging and our annual sales are over 14 billions. It is an AAA-level credit enterprise in Shenyang ,and has been awarded as "advanced unit" and "civilized unit" by local People's Government for many times and every year as “honor credit and promise” of Liaoning Province & Shenyang. Successively, there are 7 employees elected “Shenyang model worker”. We were certified to GB/T19001-2000 (idt ISO9001:2000) standard quality system certification in 2006. We will serve you wholeheartedly with the quality policy of “honest and trustworthy, high quality and efficiency, service innovation, continuous improvement”, with the trade principle of “equality and mutual benefit, mutual exchange, abiding contract”, welcome wide customers to visit us for cooperation and work together to create a better future.









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                Address: Shenyang city Shenhe District fengyutan Street No. 1 zip code: 110011 Tel: 24118592 record number: Liaoning ICP 15014993